So the other weekend i got a chance to run away to a camping site with one of my crazy best friends. I did not tell him what my intentions were. At the back of my mind i wanted to feel relaxed yet being crazy with a friend. You know the only place you can be as crazy as you want is with a friend. I did not have lots of money but i had transport to get me to my camping site. I was heading to Ben’s beach on Entebbe road but then changed my mind about it,DSCN0521

I always move with my camera just in case. Then i just did remember it was the milege world music festival weekend. I grabbed my tent and headed to the Botanical  gardens Entebbe where the three days musical camp was held. Actually this was my first camp ever and to attend to this music festival yet it happens every year in November. The best part was the mixture of colors of people of all classes from different parts of the world. To me that was beauty at its best.

IMG_20171125_182229I got drunk from and with the good live music watching every one dances to foreign musical instruments. first day i laid my tent in the space that was provided for camping as the sound of the crowd was still overwhelming.

The next day we woke up to yoga and other early morning physical exercises. Yes it was rainy and cold, at some point i thought the rain water would go through the tent and thank heavens it did not. Then we headed to the Zoo after breakfast and freshening up. Remember all those stories you read about the Zoos? just know i was living in the live story for a moment.


To see some wild animals  just close to me was magical ( of course they were in cages ).


Travel and feel the love.

At time we get locked up in our comfort places, houses, jobs and we forget that life is too short and so uncertain. So i often get questions like how do you manage to travel that much and still do music? Funny though, i don’t even take fights yet. I do have the passion to travel and to see the world but i have to start with my own country.  After all, if I don’t know my own country how will i appreciate it after i see others. Its true that you never know how beautiful your own house OR country is until you visit others.

DSCN0355When on the road alone ( solo) i always think to my self, what will my next destination be and when? Then i get so excited even when i don’t really have the money for the next trip yet. There many ways of KILLING stress as we call it in Uganda. Same people go to clubs, to swimming pools, to the movies, to play score or google stuff. As for me, i just get on the next bus to a place i have never been to within my country. It brings new meaning to my life, it encourages me to do more with my life.

DSCN0602Many people have found happiness in places they never thought of. Some people have found the love of their lives and gotten married through their travels. Others get jobs and many other opportunities in life. Traveling is always an eye opener, it proves us otherwise of the things don’t believe in and the myth we hear about.

So the next time you feel low, stressed, inspired, or curious just get on that bus or flight and make your life worth living. there is just so much for the world to offer to you. Yes there might be a few donts of traveling as sometimes it may teach you how to live in bad conditions but its always worth your time and money.

welcome to Lynne Zaabu

IMG_20170612_100953Welcome to my world every body.  Am Lynne and ready to tell you about my life experiences with love,  food, music, fashion and above traveling.  Am a big fan of traveling and oh,  almost forgot I love God and I have faith in him. The picture above is a road to Bundibujyo in western Ugandan.  In my next article,  I will tell you more about that road.  See you later.

Relocating to another country for work

A lot of people every now and then travel to different countries for different reasons. Some people travel for adventure and fun, some do it business and education, others travel for medical reasons and others travel because they have the money and so they should travel to Johannesburg  for a glass of wine in a first class seat.

Usually our expectations are either to high or low. It is always good to travel with less expectations because then there is room for more surprise than disappointments. For all that have traveled know the excitement in packing. i always ask questions like am i packing too much or to less, how will the weather be like, how will i have to dress up for my new work. I think of all sorts of things before i travel to a different country for work.

Last year i got the chance to travel a different country hoping that i was going to relocate there. I applied for a visit visa just to go and find out the basics of the place before. Found a lot of cultural shocks from religion, society, financial, food you name it. This opened up my eyes and my mind oh thank God for this short

The things you believe in

Many times we look for approves from other people and we forget what really matters to us as individuals. Before we face the light of time each day we look in the mirror (Women mostly can relate), weep and wonder if we are worth it!  Society has set times, ways of doing things, what defines beauty and success. Truth is many people try so hard to succeed but what is success? Every one has a dream, goals and ambitions. that make them work hard and some. What defines us is actually our will and efforts toward our success in our own little worlds. IMG_20170520_153357

There will never be a definition of beauty and there is no specific formulas to success nor a better way to make yourself confident in who and what you are. The fears that you have are like a rock that is set in a narrow way of a river. They may never disappear but you have to over come them all by yourself. Be beautiful with or without makeup, be strong and remind yourself that you are not the first person to go through what you are going through and you are not going to be the last. Stop thinking about what other want, what they think should or shouldn’t be. Think for once about you and the things that matter to you and make no apologies for being you.

A few years ago i was scared of writing because people told me how bad I was or still am, but with every post i become more careful and creative i many not be so perfect but i am working on my self and doing what i love to do. Many times I felt like giving up but every time their shame songs re-ran in my brain i got up again and wrote something new.

i believe in life and the gifts that GOD gave, i believe in love, in peace, in laughter, in forgiveness, above all that i believe that i am perfectly imperfect made and GOD cant be questioned about his art work. So go out there and live the life you believe in stick to what you believe in even when the whole world says otherwise.




Uganda my mother land full of surprises. The beauty of this land never falls to amuse me. A few weeks ago i was invited to a graduation party in Tororo district not knowing it was going to be one of the most fun and educative road trips of my life. Tororo is located in the Eastern region of Uganda and It is the main municipal, administrative, and commercial center.  Its 183 kilometers from the capital city Kampala so it takes about three to three hours to get there depending on the which transport means you use and how many times you stop to take pictures or refresh.


The above picture shows the over view of Tororo city from the top of great Tororo rock. I nearly compared it to Fort Portal  because of it cleanliness. The smell of this city is like no other, the love of the local people was and i guess is still just mesmerizing.

Many tourists live in Uganda and they just have no idea about the beauty of this small yet big town. It has its own unique cultures and beautiful tourist sites like the the Tororo Rock which happens to be one of the highest rocks in Uganda and in East Africa. There are many modern economic activities like banking, education, saloons, supper markets owned mostly by Indians and a few Ugandans from different parts of the country.


There are many cement industries like the oldest and most leading called Tororo cement. Its with no doubt that many other industries coming up and are doing really well given the population of this country. Agriculture being the largest or the back born economic activity, facilitates and earns the locals food and money. They grow food products like coffee, Oranges, Mangoes, cassava, and many more a long side keeping cattle.

So the next time you are planning on a road trip make sure you include Tororo. please send in your questions and comments about my trips.

I am up for anything to do with art.

so today i just feel like showing of my love for art and photos. DSCF1975i have to stand a bite far because i don’t trust this friend of mine because some times he likes to tease girls.

DSCF1994and all was set for a family picture.  Everything is so peaceful here. I just have no idea why our brothers the human treat us like animals.IMG_20170612_114946let me take a walk. i want to find out whats hidden in this area

I love you Uganda.

There are very many countries in the world but Uganda still remains my number one, not because it my mother country but because of thousands of reason that even if you give a life time, i would not write them all and finish. IMG-20170813-WA0003Above is Mountain Moroto view, a side view from mt Moroto hotel. There is nothing as beautiful as waking up in the morning then look at this beautiful God given view. Its takes about 12-14 hours to get to this beautiful view yet its worth every minute you spend on that muddy road with lots of potholes.


Then here is the view of the top of Murchison falls. its one of the world’s most beautiful and powerful waterfall. Its sounds, its view, its history, the hiking around it and the smell of the green surrounding make this place incredibly breath taking.

It is always funny how we adore other countries and places, sing praises for them without even thanking the heavens for what we have. There is nothing we don’t have here. Uganda holds it all. We may not have expensive cars, roads and trains but we are blessed with nature. Every country has its ups and downs, Uganda is no expectation. So the saying is very true “east or west home is the best” share this for me.



Did you know ……

That traveling within or with a group helps you to save a lot of money!!? well, that’s so true apparently. I had all my life wanted to travel but i was as broke as you could possibly think of. I started to google about “How to travel for free” but truth you cant travel any where for free. there is always a price to pay. This where the idea of traveling in a group came to my mind. So I started off with the nearest trips possible.

  1. when you travel with a group, you always share costs and this makes you save more than spending a lot. Chances are very high that you will make lots of friends with that group. with the new connections you can always be amazed about how much you can help each after the tripe. IMG-20170816-WA0050Above is an example of packaged trips for you and your loved one. Here we use cheaper hotels and transportation yet make sure to deliver your travel destinations as desired. The tour operator sets the destinations and if its your desire you join in.
  2. The second is the personal or non packaged trip. You set you own goals to meet as a tourist but be sure with this type of travel you will have to spend a lot of money. lets say some is going to travel with a packaged option, he or she will use less than a $100 yet if you were alone it would cost you three times as much even if you were under a package

So make sure to choose what suits you. See you soon.

Karamangos are part of us..

Many times we don’t realize how privileged we are until it’s too late. We have so much to our disposal and still long for the little that belongs to the poor!!..  IMG_20170812_133534.jpgKaramoja is one of the districts that make up Uganda.  It’s about 435kms away from Kampala city. It’s in this district that we find Mountain Moroto one of the main tourist attractions In Uganda. Funny thing is we have the same blood and same president but it looks like karamoja is not part of Uganda. The area has the worst roads, no water, no power, no good schools or hospitals but above all,  no food or clothes.

My heart broke into millions of pieces when I reached there and there was nothing I could do to improve the situations there all alone. That’s why I argue Ugandans to please do something to be of help. Yes I know help every one but am sure you can save one Karamango life with what you think is not important any more to you.

Always thank God and be grateful for whatever little you have.